Uyanga Erdenebold went blind at the age of 14. At age 16, while blind, she taught herself to read and speak English from Braille books (books with bumps on the pages so blind people can read them by touch). She had already read every single Mongolian book available in Braille, and she couldn’t bear the idea of never reading another book.

She won a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study library science in America. She works at the US Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, but dreams of opening a library in Ulaanbaatar so that everyone who loves books can find them.

My dream is to establish a modern library in Ulaanbaatar. As you can see in UB, there are not many libraries that are convenient, or places where people want to stay and read. I want to have a very nice, friendly library, where children, disabled people, elderly are welcome to read their newspapers. I see it as a friendly, sunny place where people would feel comfortable, read books and be happy.


Transgender in Mongolia

In Mongolia, transgender people face extreme violence and discrimination, much of which goes unreported because the law does not protect them. Out of fear, many stay in the closet. Photographer Álvaro Laiz spent three and a half months in 2011 photographing male-to-female transgender people in Mongolia to explore notions of identity in a place where they are forced to hide who they are. “They cannot express themselves normally except in certain places. Your life becomes a scenario in which you are pretending to be someone else. Your job, your relatives become part of this performance, and little space is left to act as you would really want to be. It is insane,” he said via email.

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10 Facts People Should Know About Mongolia

Please, read #2. Nothing annoys a Mongolian more than foreigners asking them if they speak Chinese. If you are not sure, ask what language they speak. I mean it’s a good rule to follow, you don’t want to be that one person who always makes (perhaps, racist) assumptions.

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russianhistoryloversposts asked:
Hello i reblog ome of your old Mongolian pictures!They are awersome where i can found old Mongolian pictres???

russianhistoryloversposts, I am not really sure, you could try googling.

But this guy on facebook has some interesting albums and pictures, maybe you will find something you like: 
Гомбосүрэнгийн АРСЛАН

If you have an instagram: @mongoldaily and especially @instagram_mn has some old pictures

j-nock: hey check out my tumblr.  I live here and shoot film all over :)

^very nice shots